Cox Communications, Connect2Compete Extend Program Offering Discounted Internet to Low-Income Households

Due to its success last year, Cox Communications and Connect2Compete will extended their program that provides discounted high-speed Internet service to low-income families through the end of the year.  The program, which was launched in Tulsa last year, allows families who participate in the National Free School Lunch program to purchase the Essential Cox High Speed Internet service for $9.95 per month for two years, with no contract or additional fees.

In addition, the service also offers low-cost computers and digital literacy training for eligible families.  Tiffani Bruton, director of public affairs for Cox Communications, said in a press release, "We want to ensure that every family who is eligible for the program has the opportunity to participate. Extending this program for 12 months will give more families the opportunity to sign up and most importantly begin to see the educational benefit of broadband access in the home."

Connect2Compete is a national nonprofit with the goal of eliminating the "digital divide" by making high-speed, low-cost Internet, computers and digital literacy accessible to all unconnected Americans. Bruton said a study by the Pew Research Center indicated that less than half of low-income K-12 students in the country have broadband Internet access at home, compared to 90 percent of higher-income families. Pew also noted that up to 100 million people risk becoming isolated from contemporary life because they lack Internet access and the skills necessary to use it effectively.   Studies have also shown that children who have Internet access in their home are more likely to have higher test scores than those who have limited or no access.


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