Comcast's Gigabit Internet Service

Comcast's Gigabit Internet Service uses DOCSIS 3.1 technology to get super fast connection speeds over existing cable infrastructure. Right now this service is only available in a few markets but the list of areas it is available in is expanding rapidly. You might want to see if Gigabit Internet is availble in your zip code.
There are a few other providers that boast gigabit speed Internet but even they don't have them in all areas. Usually you have to go with fiber optic cables to get that kind of speed.
Other Internet Service providers are delivering similar speeds. Among them Google Fiber, AT&T and others.
Some of the things you can do at that speed:
Download a television episode in 4 seconds 600 Megabyte
Download a HD movie in less than a minute - 5 Gigabytes
Download a music album in 2 seconds - 150 Megabytes
Download a Video Game in 2 minutes - 15 Gigabites
DOCSIS 3.1 was first released in 2013 with the next big upgrade announced in 2016. The 2016 release is designed to be full duplex which means it can deliver speeds as fast going up as it does coming down. Generally modems have more speed coming down, to your computer than they do going up, back to the web. That is because most people's Internet usage has changed over the years. These days people are uploading much more than they used to ie, video, pictures, online gaming, etc., so the full duplex come into play. The technology hasn't officially been released but bit of the power is leaking out to consumers.
Just as a sidenote the Federal Communications Commission urged Internet providers to have a standard speed of at least 100 Mbps by 2020. Now however current FCC Chairman is looking at actually lowering the standards for high-speed Internet in an area to 10 Mbps. That would make it much easier on the providers wouldn't it?


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