Cox and Comcast integrate Netflix

You might not know this but you can watch Netflix through your Cox Contour 2’s X1 browse menu. Cox Cable licenses the Contour X1 video format from Comcast who developed the platform. You still have to pay for Netflix separately but you can sign up for it through the Contour platform. 

Apparently Cox has been offering Netflix for a while but they haven’t really told people about it. It was reported to Fierce Cable when a Cox Cable customer found Netflix’s fireplace video when they were looking for the Cox Christmas fireplace.

Since Netflix is delivered over the Internet viewing is governed by data usage caps so customers will need to keep an eye on how much they are watching if they have Cox Internet and Cable bundles.

Comcast has been offering Netflix and You Tube for a while through its X1 platform. Seems like it is a response to the popularity of cord cutting. If the cable companies offer services like Netflix then they hope customers will be less likely to cancel their cable subscription. Comcast generally has data usage caps also that will need to be taken into consideration while viewing Netflix is you have a Comcast cable and Internet bundle.


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