Will Comcast Keep Its Word Without Net Neutrality?

Number one cable company, Comcast, provides high speed Internet, Cable television and voice bundles so it is unsurprising that they have always opposed net neutrality. The concept of net neutrality is that Internet service providers should treat all content equally, not favoring their own content over others or charge providers to deliver their content faster.
During the net neutrality fray back in 2015 Comcast promised that net neutrality rules were unneccessary since they had no plans to do anything bad anyway.
Ajit Pai, the Republican chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) just announced that he will be doing away with the net neutrality rules enacted back in 2015 by the FCC. Pretty much all of the big ISPs voiced opposition the rules back then. Comcast was one of them. The net neutrality rules only attempted to rein in the Internet service providers and not the internet content providers.
Comcast said “We don't prioritize Internet traffic or have paid fast lanes, and have no plans to do so." Then they changed it to “We do not and will not block, throttle, or discriminate against lawful content." And they changed the "prioritization" issue to "anticompetitive paid prioritization."
It is not that hard to believe that an Internet Service Provider, like Comcast would be against the rules. Now, given that Comcast is a provider of Internet, voice, and Cable TV bundles, they probably will continue to say they support to net neutrality while all the time trying to gut it.


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