Comcast's xFi Advanced Gateway Available Nationwide
The new Comcast's xFi Advanced Gateway modem and router is now available to Comcast Xfinity gigabit Internet service customers across the county. The combination modem wireless router has been available in some markets since May of this year but Comcast has expanded the roll out to everywhere thier gigabit service is delivered.

Comcast says it can manage your whole home network from the modem/router. Features include password management, parental controls setup, managing what devices are connected and when, plus a whiole lot more. This means you can initiate a rule where the children's WiFi gets turned off at 9:00 or whenever you wish. Access to the Comcast Xfinity xFi dashboard can be from the web, android and iOS mobile devices and the X1 voice remote.

The new Comcast xFi Advanced WiFi Gateway has increased the WiFi capabilities ver previous versions in line with the expectations of modern Internet customers. This makes it much more appealing for Comcast customers to get their modems directly from Comcast. For large houses WiFi extenders are available.

Comcast is the nation's number one cable television company and the largest Internet provider as well. Comcast bundles include cable TV, high speed Internet, voice, and smart home solutions. The new modem is available to about 10 million of Comcast's customers. The WiFi aspect of teh modem makes connecting Internet of Things devices a breeze.


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