Comcast May Try to Outbid Disney For Fox

Internet and phone company, AT&T made a bid for Time Warner back in 2016. President Trump came out against it back when he was a candidate. Some attributed that to his war with CNN. After Trump became President the Justice Department sued to stop it. It hasn't gone to court yet so it is still pretty much up in the air over a year later. This uncertainty has put a kind of damper on a lot of merger talks that would seem to be a given under a Trump Administration.

Even though mega-studio Disney has made a bid for a majority of Fox assets it may not happen. Trump did say congratulations to Fox's Rupert Murdoch. But now CNBC has reported that if the AT&T/Time Warner deal does somehow manage to get approved by the Trump administration that CNBC’s owner, Comcast, might just try to out-bid Disney for the Fox assets.

In addition to providing cable television, Internet and phones, Comcast already owns NBC and Universal Studios. Disney owns ABC and well, Disney Studios. Fox assets up for sale include Twentieth Century Fox, Fox Searchlight Pictures,  National Geographic, Fox 2000, Twentieth Century Fox Television, FX Productions, and Fox 21.


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