Comcast and the Internet of Lost Things

Comcast is the number one cable company in the United States and they didn't get there by sitting down.

Sometimes it looks like companies just try to connect everything to the Internet, whether it needs to be connected or not. But some Internet of Things devices can can actually be useful, so Comcast has partnered with Tile, a company that uses tracking devices to help you find lost things.

Using Comcast Cable and Internet's X1 remote and a Tile bluetooth device, Comcast Xfinity Home customers can ask their X1 remote “Where are my keys?” or “Find Cedrick’s cell phone.” to locate the lost item. Maybe it was left at work or on the bus. Tiles are tracking devices that can be attached to almost anything that could get lost. That way it can be tracked down. All kinds of things like phones, lunch boxes, keychains, tricycles, purses, backpacks, whatever. They can all be tracked with an attached Tile device. You can even put one on your child’s favorite toy or pet

Tile has helped millions of devices get found. Someo people say most people spend 60 hours a year looking for lost things. So if you lose things, you might consider getting Comcast Cable and Internet with the X1 remote.


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