Comcast Partners With Netflix

Comcast Cable is the largest Internet and cable provider in the United States. That doesn't mean they aren't worried about cord cutting. In case you don't know, cord cutting is the practice of people getting rid of their cable service and most often just going with an online streaming service.

Possibly, in a bid to head this off, Cable and Internet company Comcast and Netflix recently announced that they will be expanding their partnership.

What this means to Comcast Cable subscribers is that they will be able to access their Netflix account through their Comcast set-top box. Customers will be able to search for programs by name, genre, actor and more. The cost of the Netflix subscription will be part of the customer’s Comcast bill.

The partnership was first announced back in 2016. Netflix is accessible through Comcast’s X1 cable box. Now Comcast will have a Netflix option available on all of its Xfinity video packages. About 60% of all Comcast video customers use the X1 platform. Ironically, streaming services like Netflix are cited as the main reason that people opt to cut the cord on their video service in the first place. It is often a much less expensive option.

The bottom line is that Internet and cable tv providers like Comcast want to tie in with the very streaming companies that are rendering them obsolete.


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