Insecure Comcast Routers

Comcast Cable Website Leaks Customer Data

Researchers Karan Saini and Ryan Stevenson found that with just an account number and part of an address they could get personal data about Comcast customers including their router SSID and password. Talk about making it easy for your customers to get hacked! 

It didn't take too long for Comcast to shut down the insecure website and of course they deflected blame, saying “we have no reason to believe that any account information was accessed.”

As far as their claim that no account information was accessed, it seems like a router ID and password would be account info. It is like Comcast won't admit that when a hacker has access to your home router, they actually have a lot. Changing your password wouldn't have helped.

It was only Comcast supplied routers that were insecure, if customers bought their own router, then they wouldn't have the problem and their passwords would be safe. 


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